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Arusha Tanzanite
Untreated trichroic (blue, purple and green) Tanzanite in a very pointed version of  the "Pelegrinischer Drache" design.
2.62 cts.
not for sale, sorry!

Arusha Tanzanite, 2.62 cts.  

Bolivian Citrine
A new Liquid Flower cut in an orange Citrine from Bolivia, was heated and is perfect clean with strong LW-pattern.
6.11 cts., 12.7 x 8.0 mm

Bolivian Citrine, 6.11 cts.  

Namibian Topaz
Colourless Topaz from namibians famous locality "Spitzkoppe". Some tiny internals but closed to invisible to the naked eye.
This is the trillion version of the "Cingili Mingili" design and adds the reflective power that is so typical for trillions.
18.14 cts., 15.9 x 11.2 mm

Namibian Topas, 18.14 cts.  

GDR Perowskite
This is one of the very rare manmade gems that were made by the labs of the former GDR, while natural Perowskite is usually to dark and not clean enough for faceting. This is a new design from Marco Voltolini : "Rectangulare Cushion" and it works great in this high RI stuff.
24.67 cts., 13.9 x 11.5 mm

GDR manmade Perowskite, 24.67 cts.  

Very fine example of the colour variety "Hyazinth" from Mananjary in Madagascar. Eyeclean clarity, strong dispersive and a colour with hues of red, cognac, brown, salmon...
2.85 cts., 8.5 x 6.0 mm

Mananjary Zircon - Hyazinth, 2.85 cts.  

Light blue to purplish Tanzanite with great working Liquid Flower pattern and very high clarity.
2.39 cts., ~ 8.4 x 5.6 mm

Tanzanite 2.39 cts.  

Savanna Tanzanite

Finest example of a savanna coloured Tanzanite. There are hues from orange, yellow, salmon over reddish to pinkish in this eyeclean gem. The reason is the strong trichroism and that this gem was rescued from getting heated. The highend precision cut  (the "Lighthouse of Porporela") helps to show the ultimate brilliance of this superrare  gemstone.
4.36 cts., 11.1 x 9.4 x 7.6 mm

Tanzanite, Arusha, TAN, 4.39 cts.  

Brazil Tourmaline

Greenish-blue Tourmaline from Brazil. Some small internals that are not visible for the unaided eye. Strong colour saturation and even colour due to the open C-Axis.
2.42 cts., 7.6 x 7.6 x 6.6 mm

Greenish-blue Tourmaline from Brazil, 2.42 cts.  


My stock of bigger pieces of this rare and uncommen manmade gems running empty..
This gem show my reason why I like designs with not soo much facets even if these are bigger ones. A smaller NEO gem couldn´t show the dispersive power of the lab-created GGG. The big reflections show often the full spectrum of all colours in just a single facet!
This is a lighter champagn coloured piece with vsi to vvsi clarity. Rare stuff from the former weaponry of the GDR (ZOS der AdW der GDR).
26.89 cts., 16.6 x 9.5 x 13.2 mm

GGG, 26.89 cts.  

Brazil Amethyst
At the Munich Show I purchased some smaller  and beautiful coloured Amethysts at the Meelis company. Great stuff these tinies with lots of purple and bluish flashes. The "Tudor´s Kaleidoskop" underlines it with its bigger reflections.
1.40 cts., 7.3 x 5.7 mm
not for sale

Brazil Amethyst, 1.40 cts.  

Sibirian Hydro-Grossular
My biggest Hydro-Grossular in many years! Over 25 cts. and with around 20x25 mm definitely in the champions league of the rare fine gems. Made for a good customer some weeks ago and it was really hard for me to say "good bye" to such a marvelous gem I´m sure I will never see again something similar...
25.56 cts., 24.4 x 20.6 x 5.8 mm

Sibirian Hydro-Grossular, 25.56 cts.  

Brazil Topaz
This is one of the more rare Liquid Flowers cut from an slightly bicolored Topaz from Brazil. Not all minerals works for this design. Did I ever told that I had to construct a special cutting machine to get these strange facets cut & polished? No usual faceting machine can do this and even the Topazes are always candidates to cause heavy troubles on this machine.
Fortunately not in this striking gem, enjoy!
5.77 cts., 11.4 x 6.4 mm

Topaz from Brazil, 5.77 cts.  

Tocantin Almandine
One of the very rare Almandine Garnets from Tocantin in Brazil. Faceted in the oval version of Lothar Reimschuessels Brilliant. Amazingly brilliant. Some typical inclusions are visible, but due to the strong saturation not so striking.
3.03 cts., 10.1 x 8.5 x 5.0 mm

Almandine from Tocantin, Brazil, 3.03 cts.  

Ural Topaz
The finest Topaz from Russia I have ever faceted. Untreated, with well placed dichromatism.
Gamma Brilliant design from Jeff Ford.
12.55 cts., 14.2 x 10.0 mm
not for sale

Imperial Topaz from the Ural Mountains, Russia, 12.55 cts.  

Brazil Amethyst
Highend Brazil Amethyst cut in my "Tudor´s Kaleidoskop, hex." design Daylight shows a battle of reddish and bluish reflection, very, very eyeclean clarity.
10.06 cts., 12.8 x 11.3 mm

Brazil Amethyst, 10.06 cts.  

Brazil Morganite
The biggest Morganite I had in the last years. Good colour-saturation, flat crown & nice LF-pattern. Some near eye-invisible internals, too small to see with naked eyes but big enough to regarded as a natural watersign.
11.96 cts., 17.3 x 17.3 x 9.0 mm

Brazil Morganite, 11.96 cts.  

Bolivian Ametrine
This is a very big piece of boliviam Ametrine. Lots of crystalline internals (no foreign stuff) and a fine bicolour saturation in this mirror-cut.
26.26 cts., 18.6 x 18.5 x 12.6 mm

Bolivian Ametrine, 26.26 cts.  

Brazil Fire Opal
Fine example of brazil gems that are not as much in the focus like Beryls & Tourmalines. This is very fine coloured Fire Opal from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Vivid golden orange colour with some nean aspects and only a low amount of silk, just charming! The shape of the rough told me it wants to become a "Halfmoon".
3.00 cts., 12.7 x 8.4 x 6.7 mm

Fire Opal from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 3.00 cts.  

Rutilated Quartz
XXL rutilated Quartz from Brazil. White Quartz with golden needles. Faceted in my Trinity-design with its triple star pattern. Extremely contrasty sparkles from only 17 facets. One of my older designs, still fascinating.
46.60 cts., 23.7 x 19.3 mm

Rutilated Quartz from Brazil, 46.60 cts.  

GDR Cobalt-Spinel
This crazy stuff is so unbelievable! This is really dark stuff, but it has absolutely no blacking out and in incandescent light you can see lots of the red flashes. 8 or 10 years ago when I created the Trinity design I could never believe how strong this combination works. Much better than this pic. Manmade stuff from the Bitterfelder Labs of the former GDR.
10.83 cts., 13.1 x 10.8 mm
sold, but similar gem/rough is in stock

Co-Spinel from the Bitterfelder Labs, GDR, 10.83 cts.  

Mananjary Hyazinth
I don´t know if you are familiar with the old name for pinkish Zircons? In eastern Germany we have some localities for small examples of this gemstone. In old fables it is often used.
This one is from Madagascar, exactly from Mananjary at the eastcoast. Eyeclean and faceted in the "Rands Cut Corner Rectangle #1" from XXXX.
1.78 cts., 7.0 x 5.1 mm

Mananjary Hyazinth, 1.78 cts.  

Black Spinel from China
While the typical Spinels have very fine colours in red, pink, blue and other colours there are also some completely black and intransparent iron containing Spinels also called Pleonast. They have an unbelievable shine and I´m sure I´m not the only one to love this uncommon gem.
13.51 cts., 14.7 x 9.6 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Black Spinel, 13.51 cts.  

Tanga Garnet / Rhodolite
Highend tanzanian Rhodolite with good clarity, colour and cut ("Lighthouse of Porporela"). Only 39 facets but lots of finest sparkles, great for collectors and jewelry.
2.98 cts., 9.3 x 7.7 x 6.1 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Tanga Garnet / Rhodolite, 2.98 cts.  

Bicolour Tourmaline
This is  light mint green/magebta bicolour Tourmaline. Faceted in my "Halfmoon"-design. There are some internals especially in the magenta area, still beautyful  and unique, bought this year in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.
5.43 cts., 12.7 x 9.3 x 7.0 mm

Bicolour Tourmaline, 5.43 cts.  

GGG - Galliant
Wow! This is the biggest GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet, manmade from the former GDR) I have faceted. I kept the rough as a treasue and found now it´s time to do this very time-intense cut on this big &heavy rough. I call this design "Oktariant" because it´s barion-type octagon with superb reflections and sparkles. One of a kind, I have never seen a similar one!
51.04 cts., 17.9 x 13.7 x 13.3 mm
sold, but one last rough of that size and similar colour is in stock

Gadolinium Gallium Garnet, 51.04 cts.  

Tanga Garnet
Dark magenta red Rhodolite from Tanga, Northern Tanzania. High colour saturation, dark but not too dark. VVS to eyeclean clarity and finest cut in my "Halfmoon" design. Great rough from an Idar-Oberstein dealer, found many years ago and today harder and harder to catch.
3.24 cts., 9.5 x 7.0 x 5.7 mm

Tanga Garnet / Tanzanian Rhodolite, 3.24 cts.  

Blue Bitterfeld Spinel
Manmade Blue Spinel from the Bitterfeld labs in the former GDR. This is an unusal stuff from the east german gangsters of the GDR with deepest blue colour-saturation without being too dark. In incandescent light there are red flashes between the blue ones. Crazy stuff!
NEO design.
4.38 cts., 10.1 x 7.3 x 9.2 mm

Cobalt-Spinel from the Bitterfeld Labs, GDR, 4.38 cts.  

Idaho Garnet
Very dark red Idaho Almandite from Bechtel Butte, Latah County, Idaho. With lots of small internals, still brilliant but very dark. Faceted in a new triple step-cut trillion.
3.53 cts., 8.3 x 8.3 x 6.4 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Idaho Almandine from Bechtel Butte, Latah County, 3.53 cts.  

Oregon Fire Opal
My stock of bigger Fire Opals from Juniper Ridge, Oregon is running out. This is a fine example of this stuff with nice colour, not too much silk and really big size! The "Pelegrinsche Drachen" is even in silky gems a well performing design.
6.31 cts., 22.1 x 12.1 x 8.7 mm

Fire Opal from Juniper Ridge, Oregon, 6.31 cts.  

Val Val Smoky Quartz
The next Val Val Smoky Quartz in my version of the  "YinYang"-design. Great medium smoky colour with flawless clarity, best meetpoints and lots of life inside. The crowns surface is half polished and hald matt to show the polarity of all things
13.83 cts., 16.7 x 14.3 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Val Val Smoky Quartz 2, 13.83 cts.  

Brazil Morganite
Light coloured Morganite from Brazil faceted in my "Lighthouse of Porporela" (named after a small place in the harbour of Dubrovnik). Eyeclean clarity, best meetpoints and endlessly sparkling.
1.95 cts., 8.9 x 7.5 x 6.3 mm

Brazil Morganite, 1.95 cts.  

Madagascan Rhodolite
Dark red madagascan Rhodolite faceted into a strong symmetrical baguette and high light return. Very good clarity with only some tiny ex-Vesuvianite-relicts.
1.53 cts., 8.3 x 4.7 x 3.9 mm

Madagascan Rhodolite, 1.53 cts.  

Namibian Topaz
High end namibian Topaz in my "Bar Square"-design with lots of elegant sparkles from nearly every view.
Colourless, closed to flawless clarity (just a tiny watermark to show its natural origin), best meetpoints and superglossy polish.
8.15 cts., 10.5 x 9.7 x 9.3 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Namibian Topaz, 8.15 cts.  

Brazil Citrine
Finest brazil Citrine in Marco Voltolinis "Markoh-i-noor" with 152 facets. Flawless stuff from a new Idar-Oberstein dealer, bought last year at the Munich Show.
16.73 cts., 15.3 x 13.9 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock
Brazil Citrine, 16.73 cts.  

Malawi Rhodolite
The second highend Rhodolite from Malawi with perfect clarity and rich red colour with a slight amount of magenta.
No question, the "Tudor´s Kaleidoskop"-design is one of my alltime favorites for Rhodolites like this!
4.21 cts., 9.4 x 7.3 mm

Malawi Rhodolite, 4.21 cts.  

Oregon Fire Opal
A big golden orange Fire Opal from Juniper Ridge in SE-Oregon. Faceted in my version of the YinYang with a polished and a frosted surface to symbolize the polarity of all things. One of the last pieces od Fire Opal in this size.
12.22 cts., 17.1 x 13.0 mm

Oregon (Juniper Ridge) Fire Opal, 12.22 cts.  

Brazil Aquamarine
Light blue Aquamarine from Brazil. Mirror cut with a culet at the keel and many internals.
1.26 cts., 7.5 x 6.0 x 3.8 mm

Brazil Aquamarine, 1.26 cts.  

San Carlos Peridot
Lively applegreen Peridot from San Carlos, AZ. Faceted into my "13PhaseStar" design with its light star inside the dark star and many chromite inclusions. Just look at this colour!
2.22 cts., 8.0 x 5.5 mm

San Carlos Peridot, 2.22 cts.  

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