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Mahenge Garnet
The "Della"-design from Richard B. Conley is since years one of my favorite for trillions with a flat crown. Strong contrasts, so brilliant. This Mahenge Garnet is a real beauty.
1.24 cts., 7.0 x 4.3 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Mahenge Garnet, 1.24 cts.  

Madagascan Rhodolite
From somewhere in Madagascar this nice little trillion faceted Rhodolite comes from. A darker red with significant hues of magenta, also eyeclean.
1.10 cts., 6.1 x 5.5 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Madagascan Rhodolite, 1.10 cts.  

Austrian Clear Quartz
In my eyes the most brilliant Clear Quartzes are the ones from Austrias Habachtal in Salzburg County. Here I show you an very impressive example of Clear Quartz from this locality in my "Lighthouse of Porporela"-design. Eyeclean clarity, best meetpoints and superrare.
29.15 cts., 22.6 x 19.0 x 15.2 mm
sold but similar rough is in stock

Habachtal Quartz, 29.15 cts.  

Tanzanian Rhodolite
The other version of the "Smithsonian Bar" with cut corners. Medium to dark Rhodolite from Tanzania, flawless.
3.33 cts., 10.2 x 6.0 x 5.0 mm
sold but similar rough is in stock

Tanzanian Rhodolite, 3.33 cts.  

Brazil Amethyst
Medium coloured brazil Amethyst with some hard to see twin crystal structures that is so typical for south american Quartzes. Nevertheless a fine Liquid Flower.
cts., 10.1 x 6.4 mm

Brazil Amethyst, 3.09 cts.  

Namibian Tourmaline
Dark petrol Tourmaline from Namibia with some veils visible with magnification.
1.19 cts., 6.1 x 5.5 x 4.4 mm

Namibian Tourmaline, 1.19 cts.  

Malawi Rhodolite
Another fine gem from the Malawi locality for fine Rhodolites. I purchased a small parcel of these this year in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mine and am very happy with the result: very saturated colour with no blacking out. Tom Herbst´s "HexPo" with its record light return of aound 94% pushes it a step more. Just one small near untraceable little feather, otherwise near flawless.
6.92 cts., 9.9 x 8.2 mm

Malawi Rhodolite, 6.92 cts.  

Light-Blue Topaz
Sky to Swiss Blue Topaz from Brazil. This was treated, they call this "electrobeam",anyway the colour is nice and so I had to facet it and my "Trinity Trillion"-design with its triple-star pattern works also really great in this custom cut gem.
 6.52 cts., 10.6 x 9.6 mm
sold but similar rough is in stock

brazil BLUE TOPAZ, 6.52cts., custom cut, "Trinity Trillion"  

Blue-green Aquamarine
This is the XXL-piece from the untreated giant brazil Aquamarine from Itaobin, Minas Gerais, Brazil. In this size the colour comes out in an unbelievable way. Yes this one isn´t clear, there are many veils inside. This structures also proves its unheated state.
16.21 cts., 16.9 x 12.4 mm

Brazil natural blue-green Aquamarine, 16.21 cts.  

Mananjary Zircon
Nearly colourless Zircon from Mananjary in Madagascar. Faceted in the Pipistrelli design with lots of its interesting reflections. Eyeclean and lovely.
1.35 cts., 6.7 x 4.4 mm

Mananjary (MAD) Zircon, 1.35 cts.  

Sambia Citrine
Hard to natural and untreated Citrines. Today some fine comes from Ambohimasina, MAD with some brown aspects. This fone from Zambia is absolutelly yellow with no brownish modifier,pure yellow and perfectly clean.
cts., 10.7x 8.5 mm

Sambia Citrine, 5.05 cts.  

Mali Garnet
Dark brown Mali Garnet (Grossulare) from Repuplik  Mali. Round octagon brilliant with some hard to find internals.
cts., 6.6 x 4.7 mm

Mali Garnet, 1.43 cts.  

Singida Zircon
Tanzanian Zircon from Singida with very hot copper-orange colour and perfect clarity. Custom cut into a classical round brilliant design with optimized angles for highest sparkles, very lively.
1.33 cts., 5.9 x 4.4 mm

sold but similar gem/rough is in stock
Singida Zircon, 1.33cts.  


Swiss light Smoky Quartz
Very, very light Smoky Quartz  from Switzerlands Tiefengletscher, one step before colourless. Faceted in my "Cingili Mingili" design. Nice, little sparkler.
2.21 cts., 7.9 x 6.5 mm

Swiss light Smoky Quartz, 2.21 cts.  

Strawberry Garnet
This is a rare coloured type of Rhodolite from Tanzania that reminds a bit on strawberries. Usually these have lots of silk (Rutile needles) and are not really clean. But still really nice colour.
2.96 cts., 8.3 x 6.0 mm
Strawberry Garnet, 2.96 cts.  


Pastel magenta-pink Garnet in this sought after colour. These new Garnets are a great addition to all that darkish Garnets. The "Siebenstern"-design shows its contrasty sparkles and there is also a remarkable colour-shift effect from lighter pinkish in daylight to stronger magenta in incandescent light. Some of the inevitable Rutil-needles, beside this the clarity eyeclean.
1.80 cts., 7.1 x 5.5 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Mahenge-Garnet, 1.80 cts.  

GDR Cobalt-Spinel
This crazy stuff is so unbelievable! This is really dark stuff, but it has absolutely no blacking out and in incandescent light you can see lots of the red flashes. 8 or 10 years ago when I created the Trinity design I could never believe how strong this combination works. Much better than this pic. Manmade stuff from the Bitterfelder Labs of the former GDR.
10.83 cts., 13.1 x 10.8 mm
sold, but similar gem/rough is in stock

Co-Spinel from the Bitterfelder Labs, GDR, 10.83 cts.  

Brazil Rock Crystal
A very clear and brilliant Quartz from Brazil. Originally cut into a sphere and then split into 8 similar trillion-shaped pieces. The surface was tumbled for a frosted surface. 9 facets at the pavillion (3 polished & 6 frosted). The crown shows the frosted bending with 6 semicircles. This is a very science-fictions-like design and really hard to explain, google for "Pleiades" and "customgemstonestudio" or "oneworldgemstone" for additional infos. This design is "Maia" the No. 5 of the Pleiades.
15.94 cts., 18.8 x 11.0 mm

sold but similar gem/rough is in stock
The Pleiades: Maia 15.94 cts.  

Brazil Aquamarine
From the some big piece of rough I faceted this "Lighthouse of Porporela". There are some internals visible, the colour is light, but untreated, very good brilliance.
6.48 cts., 13.3 x 11.1 x 9.3 mm

Brazil Aquamarine, 6.48 cts.  

Madagascar CC-Sapphire
xStrong colourchange Sapphire from Madagascar. The daylight colour is a greyish blue-green that turns to magenta-purple in incandescent light. There are some Sagenite/Rutil structures (not eye-visible) inside, beside this eyeclean clarity. Outstanding collector-gem!
0.85 cts., 5.5 x 4.1mm

Madagascar CC-Sapphire, 0.85 cts.
Madagascar CC-Sapphire, 0.85 cts.

Madagascan Rose Quartz
As you know I like silky gems too and if these have such strong colours like this Rose Quartz I like them much more. In sunlight it glows!
6.20 cts., 13.5 x 11.2 x 9.0 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock
Madagascan Rose Quartz, 6.20 cts.  

African Topaz
Near colourless Topaz from somewhere in Africa with eyeclean clarity.
3.48 cts., 10.2 x 6.1 x 6.2 mm

African Topaz, 3.48 cts.  

Ampanihy Garnet
What a colour! The Ampanihy Garnets from Madagascar can easily rival the stronger Mahenge-Garnets! Eyeclean and perfect size for a ring or better for the collector of  great coloured Garnets?
2.62 cts., 7.9 x 6.8 mm
sold but similar rough is in stock

Ampanihy Garnet, 2.66 cts.  

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