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Brazil Aquamarine
A mirror-cut Aquamarine from Brazil with lots of internal life. The cracks makes a lot of sparkles, very fine colour.
  1.78 cts., 7.2 x 5.2 mm.

Brazil Aquamarine, 1.78 cts.  

Nigerian Sapphire
Yes, you´re right this is a tiny gem. When I bought the rough with 4.45 cts. I hoped to have a result slightly over one carat. Not visible was a crack at the place of the pavillions tip. So I had to cut and cut and it became smaller and smaller. All the trouble zones with inclusions and cracks left and it became smaller and smaller, but I was not willing to give it up. The result is an outstanding, flawless little gem with 100% meetpoints, great vivid colour and just enough colourzoning to show its natural origin.
  0.44 cts., 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.9 mm.

Nigerian Sapphire, 0.44 cts., "Ezbar Square"  

Copper Chalcedony
Here is an ultra-rare gem from the andean mountains in bolivia. I don´t do cabochons so often but this was a good reason for an exception:
Chrysocolla in Chalcedony with lots of pure copper.
  52.94 cts., 31.0 x 7.1 mm.

Copper & Chrysocolla in Chalcedony from Turco, Oruro, Bolivia, 52.94 cts.  

Ejeda Spessartine
My madagascar-dealer surprised me this summer with a lot of Spessartines from Ejeda. I didn´t knew that Madagascar also has orange coloured Spessartines. Maybe not the same type of colour as Mandarin-Garnets used to have but the internals with some horsetail like inclusions reminds me on the very few ones from Namibia. Cool stuff with very unusual colour, a fine addition for garnet lovers!
4.61 cts., 12.2 x 9.9 x 6.3 mm

Ejeda Spessartin, 4.61 cts.  

Madagascan Girasol-Quartz
Pipistrelli Girasol-Quartz from Madagascar, clean (with some silk) and brilliant.
6.73 cts., 13.6 x 9.9 mm

Madagascan Girasol-Quartz, 6.73 cts.  

Sibirian Hydro-Grossular
This will be one of my last bigger Hydro-Grossulars if my dealer don´t get any new ones from Sibiria. A silky yellowish-green colour that even lets surmise the pavilion facets gives it a nice glowing appearance.
2.75 cts., 8.2 x 5.9 mm

Sibirian Hydro-Grossular, 2.75 cts.  

Mahenge Garnet

Extremely saturated magenta pink Mahenge Garnet. Really hard to catch fine roughs in this size. And no question these rare Garnets are expensive even if it has some internals like this one. But hey the colour is unbelievable and shifts a bit from magenta red in incandescent to more pinkish in fluoro light.
3.09 cts., 8.6 x 6.3 mm

Mahenge Garnet, 3.09 cts.
Mahenge Garnet, 3.09 cts.

Namibian Demantoid
This rare member of the garnet family was found in Erongo, Namibia. The daylight-colour reminds a little of peridot, while incandescent light turns the colour more to yellowish green. The dispersion sparkles are unbelievable in this only very lightly included (near eyeclean) gem. Custom Cut.
  1.62 cts., 6.8 x 5.0 mm

Namibian Demantoid 1.62 cts.  

Marolambo Rhodolite
Very saturated and dark (but not too dark!) Rhodolite from Marolambo in Madagascar. There are some internals visible - also for the naked eye -  but not too prominent.
Still a big sparkler!
cts., 11.2 x 8.0 mm

Marolambo Rhodolite, 5.54 cts.  

Oregon Fire Opal
My stock of bigger Fire Opals from Juniper Ridge, Oregon is running out. This is a fine example of this stuff with nice colour, not too much silk and really big size! The "Pelegrinsche Drachen" is even in silky gems a well performing design.
6.31 cts., 22.1 x 12.1 x 8.7 mm

Fire Opal from Juniper Ridge, Oregon, 6.31 cts.  

Tanzanian Dravite
Very big Tanzanian Dravite (Tourmaline Group) in orange, cola  and grenish yellow colours with strong dichroism.
cts., 13.2 x 8.3 x 8.0 mm

Tanzanian Dravite, 7.11 cts.  

Val Val Smoky Quartz
The next Val Val Smoky Quartz in my version of the  "YinYang"-design. Great medium smoky colour with flawless clarity, best meetpoints and lots of life inside. The crowns surface is half polished and hald matt to show the polarity of all things
13.83 cts., 16.7 x 14.3 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

Val Val Smoky Quartz 2, 13.83 cts.  

Idaho Almandine
Same kind of gem like the above one and similar design. Here it is the "Pipistrelli" in the hexagonal version.  Also dark red Almandine from Bechtel Butte in Idaho, USA. This is a very pure Almandine that can easily be lifted by a neodynium magnet. It also shows a good colourshift from violetish red in incandescent light to purplish red in day- or fluorolight. Some not eye-visible internals.
1.77 cts., 6.6 x 5.2 mm

Idaho Almandine, 1.77 cts.
Idaho Almandine, 1.77 cts.

Brazil Citrine
Finest brazil Citrine in Marco Voltolinis "Markoh-i-noor" with 152 facets. Flawless stuff from a new Idar-Oberstein dealer, bought last year at the Munich Show.
16.73 cts., 15.3 x 13.9 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock
Brazil Citrine, 16.73 cts.  

Lemon Citrine
After a while a very big Liquid Flower in a vivid lemon yellow Quartz from Brazil (treated). Flawless clarity with nice LF-pattern. Also part of the "Gem Rescue" project together with a friend of mine. The original gem weighed a little over 51 cts. and had a big belly shape. A big loss in weight but a strong win ^to have this beauty in my hand.
23.31 cts.
, 19.7 x 12.5 mm

Lemon Citrine, 23.31 cts.  

7 Rutil-Quartzes
The  2018 theme for my collectors showcase are
"The Pleiades" a series of seven Rutil Quartzes made from a big sphere with frosted and glossy polished facets.
These gems looks a bit extra-terrestrial and share the same pavilion with different crowns. Due to the spherical frosted crown most crown facets are rounds or pitch circles. The third time I did this time consuming series.
Big pieces with weights from 24 to 42 cts.

Pink Ampanihy Garnet, 0.66 cts.  

Dinnehotso Chrome-Pyrope
This is a very big example of Arizona´s Chrome-Pyropes. Usually these are soo tiny that it doesn´t makes sense to facet them. Here is a bigger one closed to one carat. The colour is a very saturated and pure dark red. Under the binocular it shows its characteristic internal life with oriented rutile needles and some structure-relicts from another mineral that was also turned into Pyrope, very fascinating!
0.91 cts., 5.1 x 4.5 mm
not for sale

Dinnehotso Chrome-Pyrope, 0.91 cts.  

Malawi Rhodolite

The biggest sevensided Tudor´s Kaleidoskop I have ever faceted (there is also the sixsided version). It is so hard to find a dealer with these big beauties in good quality with such perfect clarity and even not to dark.
No colour-shift.
cts., 17.3 x 13.2 mm

Malawi Rhodolite, 25.60 cts.  

GDR Perowskite
This is one of the very rare manmade gems that were made by the labs of the former GDR, while natural Perowskite is usually to dark and not clean enough for faceting. This is a new design from Marco Voltolini : "Rectangulare Cushion" and it works great in this high RI stuff.
24.67 cts., 13.9 x 11.5 mm
sold but similar gem/rough is in stock

GDR manmade Perowskite, 24.67 cts.  

Mexican Fire Opal
I have never seen such a badly faceted gem: No meetpoits, a bad polish with scratches and coma structures and angles so far away from all optival properties ... nbelievable! Have look at the fourth pic, this looks more like tumbled than polished on a lap. Anyway this fine coloured Fire Opal from Mexico was recut to a Pipistrelli with its flat crown to redrce the lost but it was obviously that this bad boy will loose some cts..
0.79 cts.
, 7.6 x 4.8 mm

Mexican Fire Opal, 4.55 cts.
Mexican Fire Opal, 4.55 cts.
Mexican Fire Opal, 4.55 cts.
Mexican Fire Opal, 4.55 cts.
Mexican Fire Opal, 4.55 cts.

Tanzanian Rhodolite

Medium red Rhodolite from Tanzania. Good clarity with some hard to find internals in Marco Voltolinis "Rectangulare Cushion" with an extra row of facets around the table. Beautiful stuff from this years fair in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.
3.59 cts., 8.5 x 7.1 x 6.7 mm

Tanzanian Rhodolite, 3.59 cts.  

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