Precision Cut Gems

Oregon Fire Opal Special

During the last two years Oregon Fire Opal become the most important gem for me. There are two reasons for this elaboration; the first one is that I really love this material. It has a wide color-range from yellow over orange to red and brown. And don´t forget the
extremely rare blue Opal from Oregon, an absolutely unique color that isn´t found on other localities. The saturation varies from pale nearby colorless to very dark tones. The second reason might be much more important: I have found good friends in Northern California and Montana. Randy and Tery from Upperlake/CA and Sybil and David from Kalispell/MT. They have the right feeling to dig the best imaginable Fire Opal from Juniper Ridge and other Oregon areas. Some of these display colors by far better than all mexican Fire Opals with less silk and consequently more brilliance. Also really important: I´m not talking about pieces of 1 or 2 cts. The average weight of facetted Oregon Fire Opal is between 12 and 30cts.(!!!) and they are usually at least VVS in clarity (under GIA standard: Type 3: VS). They could show color-clouds, -spots and -stripes and sometime they are straight bicolored. Until now the biggest Oregon Fire Opal I have cut weighs 52,79cts. IF-quality (see pic No. 5) and is now back in the US as the most of the gems I cut.
Enjoy the pictures of this most exciting gem:

1. Oregon Fire-Opal 22.02cts., hexagon twisting-design: "3-6-Twist"
Oregon Fire-Opal 22.02cts.

2. Oregon Fire-Opal 3.81cts., round-brilliant: "Button"
Oregon Fire-Opal 3.81cts.

3. Oregon Fire-Opal 30.66cts., intense sparkling "Cornered Octagon"
Oregon Fire-Opal 30.66cts.

4. Oregon Fire-Opal, bico, 1.64cts. 16-fold mirror-cut
Oregon Fire-Opal, bico, 1.64cts.

5. Oregon Fire-Opal 52.79cts., "Cornered Octagon"
Oregon Fire-Opal 52.79cts.

6. Oregon Fire-Opal, 13.73cts., "Bella" with nice color-clouds
Oregon Fire-Opal 13.73cts.

7. Oregon Fire-Opal 2.74cts., "Cornered Octagon"
Oregon Fire-Opal 2.74cts.

8. Oregon Fire-Opal 12.95cts., "3-6-Twist" with color-cloud
Oregon Fire-Opal 12.95cts.

9. Oregon Fire-Opal 25.95cts., "8-ray-Star" (161 facets!!!)
Oregon Fire-Opal 25.95cts.

10. Oregon Fire-Opal 13.72cts., "Sunburst Octagone" barion-type
Oregon Fire-Opal 13.72cts.

11. Oregon Fire-Opal 3.45cts., - bico - "Button"
Oregon Fire-Opal 3.45cts.

12. Oregon Fire-Opal 10.01cts., "YinYang"
Oregon Fire-Opal 10.01cts.

13. Oregon Fire-Opal 30.62cts., "HexPo"
Oregon Fire-Opal 30.62cts.

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